The following table provides an overview of migration scenario’s for moving your IT infrastructure to a new datacenter, move your Infrastructure to the cloud. This list is non-conclusive.

A –Lift & Shift B – Ramp down & up C – Bridge head D – Split Brain E – Virtual Move
Period in dark (no-service) Long (physical migration of systems) Medium Medium Short Short
Period reduced performance Dark + step-up Dark + step-down&up Medium & step-up None (except for nodes in transition) None
Effort Lowest (to plan & execute) Medium, communication, logical move Medium, relatively oversee able High, network prep/stretch Network stretch, Virtual move
Risk High (Big-bang) Medium (cutover after quality gate) Low Low Low
Lowest A + Medium A ++ Requires additional hardware A++ Probably network equipment & fibers New Landing zone + network equipment
Acceptance risk (full U/SAT possible) Yes (on critical cutover path) Limited, On bridgehead Limited, On “new” bridgehead On 50% of hosts transferred On landing zone, and at 50%

The following flowchart provides some guidance selecting the right transition scenario: